Saturday, February 14, 2015

Currently I just finished my elevator pitch and it’s helped me come up with the strategy to push my product.  Recently I was talking with a buddy at work about his class and this project and he found it amusing so he said he would to be my investor.  He also stipulated that he expects weekly updates on how his investment is coming along.  I talked with my wife about this project recently and it helped me to see another point of view.  She was able to point out that I should raise the price of my services because of the potential value to homeowners.  She pointed out a couple reasons that I had not thought of yet.  This experience helped me to understand the value of troubleshooting ideas with new people.  New people mean new ideas and points of view.  One of the Entrepreneur blogs that I read this week talked about an online company called FIVER where you are able to have customers review your products and you review others, which I really see the value in.  It also talked about setting goals and I think that is where I need to spend the majority of my effort right now.

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