Saturday, February 14, 2015

Currently I just finished my elevator pitch and it’s helped me come up with the strategy to push my product.  Recently I was talking with a buddy at work about his class and this project and he found it amusing so he said he would to be my investor.  He also stipulated that he expects weekly updates on how his investment is coming along.  I talked with my wife about this project recently and it helped me to see another point of view.  She was able to point out that I should raise the price of my services because of the potential value to homeowners.  She pointed out a couple reasons that I had not thought of yet.  This experience helped me to understand the value of troubleshooting ideas with new people.  New people mean new ideas and points of view.  One of the Entrepreneur blogs that I read this week talked about an online company called FIVER where you are able to have customers review your products and you review others, which I really see the value in.  It also talked about setting goals and I think that is where I need to spend the majority of my effort right now.

This week I think the most influential thing for me was the 2-minute video posted about Steve Blank where he shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship and family.  He talks about rules that he set up for himself that helped to establish his family as a priority in his life.  He explains that if you are single, you should stay single but that if you are married and had a family, you should be home for dinner every night and try to be home on the weekends to spend time with your family as much as possible.  Steve explained that he usually had to work after the kids for about 5 hours every night, but he made sure that he was home for dinner and to put them in bed.  I think this was a valuable strategy.  He talks about how you can have a successful startup but it will mean nothing unless you have some other success or joy in your personal life.  I think this goes along nicely with the other talks and readings for this week were time seems to be the most valuable asset and we must choice how to manage it in our personal and professional lives. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Owen's Birthday

Same age cousins (2.5) ready for cake. Each of these boys are so different but so lovable. I'm so glad we all live close so that these boys can grow up to be buddies.

E loves all things with sugar.

E kept dipping his finger in the frosting and eating the edges before the song. He's such a stinker but so dang cute.

Marcus added a nice message to his eldest son. Big O didn't think it was too funny.

All the boys were ready for cake.


This is how we ride. We call Livs Bubba when she is in her car seat. They both recline and watch their shows.

Liv's new favorite place....Froggies. This little girl has no fear.

E and his afternoon snack/my worst nightmare when it comes to clean -up. These things stick to everything.

Asleep watching Handy Manny.

Reading books in Mommy's bed ( he gets mad when we call it Daddy's bed) eating his superhero food.

E & Carter can't stop gazing at the fishies at Seaworld.

Liv loves her bike rides and always wants to put her helmet on. We try to ride every weekend and I'm so excited for the time change so we can start riding after work.

Pretty Livy loves to make messes. I wish that she loved cleaning them up.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/2 Moon Bay

I could live here.She could too.Over Christmas we went up North and enjoyed some family time. We visited the water and let the babies get crazy dirty. My heart can't contain the love that I have for my small little family. They bring me such unexplainable joy. It's moments like this picture that make the horrific mess in my family room okay.Livs loves to be outside like her mommy. She just sat there and listened to the surge and crash of the ocean for minutes, which is eternity to a one year old.The kids helping daddy search for crabs. Ellis was soaked but he didn't even notice that he was cold.A little exploring on the rocks. "No No Livy". "Stop" (with a Spanish lisp) is all Livy hears from E. Which just makes her want to follow him more.
I think these moments are what life is all about. Bring on the babies, they are worth every penny spent, hour worked and tear that is shed. Call me crazy but I hope I get to have 10 more of these suckers.


We have a full blown obsession here folks. Ellis is addicted. And like all good parents we feed our son's addiction. We are his suppliers. We even took a trip to Sacramento to take him to the Train Museum.Here he's on the phone talking to the Conductor and Grandpa Cleave is watching him. (P.S. I hope when I grow up that I can be perfectly perfect Grandparents just like Great Grandma Toni & Great Grandpa Cleave)Here we are inside the passenger Train with cousin Travis. He shares the same addiction.And riding around the mall while mommy shops for Christmas. Oh how I love South Coast. He even let his sister ride:)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Baby

A perfect display of their personalities towards strangers.....

E snuck the tray with the holiday baking treats and ran off to hide. BUSTED!

Our babies love sushi, just like us.

He thinks he's playing video games at an arcade but he doesn't know that it actually gets cooler when you put quarters in.

I have three weeks off and I'm so excited to have some non-stop play time with these guys and maybe a few days where I stay in my PJ's all day long.